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My Artwork can be printed onto any substrate, as the artist/creator + owner here, I have curated and chosen two substrates that I feel are the best quality for the work to be purchased. Fine Art Paper Gicleé prints, for all the images.  Or you might see an HD Metal Option, for some of the images. All of these Artworks are printed onto acid free, heavy weight paper using archival quality inks.  Or, if you prefer a more contemporary look, some of the images are  transferred to an aluminum metal plate, using a dye sublimation process. Both techniques are amazing representations of the artwork.  The quality of detail and color range is amazing. This is not a poster quality print, far from it. I have Open Ended Editions, Limited Editions, and my new Category, Monoprints.  I am currently working on this collection.  10% of all monoprint sales will go to The National Geographic Society.  So enjoy shopping, and find your next inspiration to buy here, in my store full of creation.

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