For his image, "Magisterial", it all started with a picture of a cow, how the small herd surprised me and made me remember.  I know, believe it or not, it's true.  I noticed the cows had some very beautiful pattern markings so I took a current picture. They just appeared on a trail by a busy road, they weren't in danger a wire fence was up.  This was obviously a part of their route, the timing was right to meet.  I pulled the car over to say hello.  They stare for a long time at you, almost through you, they are sizing you up.  I remember this about cows, I did a painting of a herd years ago, when I lived in the Midwest.  They gathered as a group one by one to investigate and look as I drew and painted the curious scene.  Magisterial is also based on a picture of an imperial moth which also surprised me.  Flash forward a couple of days, the moth had clung to the sliding glass door at my local Walgreen's, for hours I was told, sliding back and forth as people entered and left.   I can tell you that the image is not about a cow or an imperial moth per say, it has layers of meaning, one of which is the lightness and whimsy of nature.  The rest is up to your own imagination and creativity. 

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