I love this piece.  I was thinking about a lot of things when I was making this work.  Diversity, and what that means.  There has been so much division in this country in the last year I think we need to remember a couple of things. First, with science now able to take a sample of your DNA and match it within an identity pool, we can connect with DNA relatives, just imagine who you might meet + see.  DNA heritage can go back thousands of years, we are all from a similar source, primordial mud.  I am fascinated by the diverse features, colors, textures, patterns, shapes, lines, tones, etc...of human beings and nature, reminding me of the elements of art. COLOR + TEXTURE + LINE + FORM + SHAPE + SPACE + VALUE.  Don't get me started on the principles of art, for another day.  The point is art and life reflect each other.  Connected, as we are, either remotely, directly, socially, physically, emotionally... endless possibilities, with more combinations + connections to be made + to remain open and communicate throughout. This is a continuing and endless source of inspiration for me.

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