Adoration is a beautiful, colorful abstract. Thoughts on ancient Egyptian culture and art came through visually, in this artwork. Egyptian art is famous for its distinctive figure language. Stylistically, aspects of the head are shown as seen from the side, but the torso seen as from the front. Ancient Egyptians had a great love for their land as it was thought that there could be no better place on earth in which to enjoy earthly existence. In honoring the gods of the land, the Egyptian culture was, in fact, life affirming. Death was a considered transition an extension of this adored life, to be continued in a spiritual form. For this work, I collected some tree bark, different varieties, and started with that imagery. The colors and textures of Adoration are unique.  As I was creating, a face appeared as though looking out from the rocks and trees, can you see it?
"Adoration", a deep love and respect for Mother Nature.

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